Read below about what some of our members have said about Rock Star Boot Camp!

Best Decision I’ve Ever Made

When I started camp I was nervous because I hadn’t really worked out in over a year. I was pleased to find that the boot camp was fast paced, hard work, and enjoyable!

Curtis was the most knowledgeable fitness pro I’ve worked with, and I’ve seen a lot of trainers. He was a great motivator; was full of alternate workout moves if one didn’t feel right to us. Plus, there’s a lot of great information about nutrition!

This was the best decision I’ve ever made in regards to my body’s wellness.I feel excited, and for the first time in my life, I can’t wait for another round of workouts!

-Erika P., Scottsdale, Arizona

I Lost Over 13% Body Fat

I am a workout veteran ! I used to go to two different gyms at least 4 times a week before trying the camp.
I have mastered the art of kickboxing, boxing, pilates, step and even attended spin at two different locations a week before I was asked to try the Rock Star Bootcamp by a friend. At first I was skeptic but quickly realized….

WOW what a difference 40 minutes makes ! In 60 days I have lost weight but also decreased my fat percent by over 13%. I get tons of compliments from friends and at work. Everyone wants to know about the secret weapon I am using. Well the secret is out, come try the camp! Not only will you lose weight, you will have a great time doing it, and will meet new friends. Thanks Curtis for your support and motivation!

-Princess M. Scottsdale, AZ

I Dropped 4 Pant Sizes in 6 Weeks!

I cannot believe how much I have changed over the course of just 6 weeks. I started the boot camp in June with my fiancee to get in shape for our wedding. My biggest challenge was just getting motivated to actually start getting in shape. Luckily I had my fiancee to push me along. Once I was in camp, I had all the people that were there with me as motivation to keep going. Before I started camp I was always getting tired half way through my day. Since I’ve been in camp I’ve noticed that I no longer get tired during the day! I started camp in a pair of size 38 pants, now I’m fitting comfortably into a size 34 pair of pants. The last time I fit into those was before high school!

-Eric. Scottsdale, Arizona

I Love This boot Camp!

It’s perfect for me. Curtis knows all the insider tricks of the trade to keep the workouts fun and effective. He takes the thinking out of it – you just show up, work hard and watch the results! (I’ve even tested him with my personal heart rate monitor and these workouts are a perfect science!)

-Sarah L., Scottsdale, Arizona

I Couldn’t Be Happier!

The gym is intimidating…especially if you haven’t worked out before. Being outdoors gives you such a sense of rejuvenation and feels so much better. Never in a million years did I believe that I would hear the words, ‘I love to exercise at boot camp’ come out of my mouth…but here they are! I couldn’t be happier with my progress and look forward to all the new things coming up in camp!

-Theresa R., Phoenix, Arizona

Living in a “Rock Star” state of mind

I bought an online deal for Rock Star Boot Camp in the middle of the night while eating Oreos and hating who I had let myself become. After my first 40 minute camp, I knew I had found this place for a reason and everything was going to be different! Today, 95 lbs lighter and with 82% lean muscle mass, I am in the best shape of my entire life and getting better and stronger with each camp.

Besides the physical gains from working out at Rock Star, the confidence I have grown has spread to every aspect of my life. Living in a “Rock Star” state of mind, I am finding that my successes at work, home, and personal relationships are improving in ways I could never have imagined. I love my Rock Star family, the support, team work, and energy at camp! It’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced, and has truly changed my life for the better!”

-Sarah S., Scottsdale, Arizona