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Once you start your trial you can mix and match session times as needed. 
You do not need to repeatedly register for each daily session. 
You can only start on a Monday or Tuesday. 

Location & Schedule 
Mohawk Plaza 
(North of the101/Cave Creek...east side of Cave Creek Road)
20635 N. Cave Creek Road, Phoenix, AZ 85024

The indoor/outdoor warehouse is just north of the Loop 101 and Cave Creek, enter from NORTH gate and drive around to back lot. (We are in the same building as Furniture Ranch & Dolphin Pools - but they are in the front of building, we are in the back of the building). We currently do not have any signage out front of building.

'DESERT RIDGE 5:30AM' (Monday through Friday from 5:30AM-6:10AM (Morning) 
'DESERT RIDGE 6:30AM' (Monday through Thursday from 6:30AM-7:10AM (Morning) 
'DESERT RIDGE 9:15AM' (Monday through Thursday from 9:15AM-9:55AM (Morning) 
'DESERT RIDGE 4:30PM' (Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday from 4:30PM-5:10PM (Evening) 
'DESERT RIDGE 5:30PM' (Monday through Thursday from 5:30PM-6:10PM (Evening) 

AND - it gets better! Once you begin the program, you will have UNRESTRICTED ACCESS to all camp sessions at the Desert Ridge Warehouse to mix and match as needed with your schedule.

Please indicate the membership option below that would best fit your needs:


($247 per month) - Cancel anytime with 30 day notice.


($197 per month) - *Most popular and greatest value* Get in shape and stay in shape with our 12 continuous month program, billed automatically each month. This plan will save you $50 a month (that's $600/year) and gives you access to unlimited workouts, member resources and unlimited access to your own personal trainer! Also, the best part about this option is if something occurs that prevents you from participating financially or physically for 12 continuous months, you'll just pay back the $50 you saved each month you were considered active in the program. It's simple and fair without binding you to the rest of the year.


($147 per person/per month) Both YOU and a PARTNER must enroll and be active members at same time to receive this discounted rate of $147 per person/per month. Same cancelation rules apply as with UNLIMITED Annual (see above).


($197 per person/per month) Both YOU and a PARTNER must enroll and be active members at same time to receive this discounted rate of just $197 per person/per month. Cancel anytime with 30 day notice.

UNLIMITED Nurse / Teacher / Firefighter / EMS / Police / Military Membership

($97 per month) If you are a K-12 teacher, firefighter, Emergency Medical Services, police officer or active military - this is the best value and the most effective fitness training option around. Enjoy unlimited access to camp workouts and nutrition support. Cancel anytime with 30 day notice.

UNLIMITED Student Membership

($97 per month) Perfect to improve sports conditioning, speed and strength. Cancel anytime with 30 day notice. **To be eligible, you must be currently enrolled as a full-time high school student or local college in Arizona (college students have to be currently taking 8 or more credits to receive this discount). Proof may be required.


($147 per month) You have access to camp workouts 2 x a week only.

LIMITED Month-to-Month

($177 per month) Again, 2 x a week. Cancel anytime with 30 day notice.

60 Day Punch Card

($197) Schedule unpredictable? This one-time payment of $197 allows you access to 13 boot camp training sessions.


Complete Your Contact Information below. Double check for accuracy...especially your email address. If you enter it incorrectly, you may NOT begin the program. So again, ENTER INFO ACCURATELY. Please proceed.

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